My name is InHyeok Samuel Park – alternatively neogh - have graduated from Swinburne University of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Design, where I was able to discover my sleeping passion for logos - and branding, which the projects reflects what I gained at my time in campus through the support of lecturers and tutors with their professional experiences - and from my bottle shop seeing and memorizing hundreds of logos and labels of brewers and winemakers. I am loyal and generous to people close and far, open with anybody I meet, and always inquisitive and curious for new things.

Branding - or logo design is my main focus, followed by illustration - my original focus - which often support my design works. With my history, geography and demography knowledge through personal interests and work, my priorities in branding is to reflect as much identity that well represents 'all for one - and one for all'. I aim to combine endless ideas through my various interests that I hold strong brand loyalty towards, aiming to create connection through my design.

I'm skilled with Adobe Creative Cloud from my time in campus to document, crucial to generate and produce ideas through design thinking skills and appropriately responding to it's functions respectively.

I like to brand for various clients of various career fields by answering various questions for both parties through my various interests and skills. As I have repeatedly used, 'Variety' defies my values as a designer, and like a position where I can offer various services.