Neve Horvat is a graphic designer and social media manager with strong interests in marketing, branding, web design, and social media and. She is currently undertaking a double degree of Bachelor of Design and Media and Communications majoring in Communication Design and Social Media at Swinburne University of Technology.

Throughout her degree she has learnt an array of skills that she has been able to apply in the workplace. These skills include using Adobe Suite and website building programs also practicing professional skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving.

Neve believes that the way design communicates with people is imperative and has the power to heavily influence. She understands that an important aspect of this, is the way design is delivered. Social media is a growing network and lately has become a very influential platform. Therefore, Neve is intrigued in the way graphic design and social media converge to cater for a specific target market.

Neve is currently completing freelance work in her field combining her communication design and social media skills for multiple companies in Melbourne. She is a flexible, motivated, and confident employee who adapts extremely well to new and varying work. She is eager to learn and gain as much industry insight as possible, through furthering her experience within professional workplace environments.