Ciara McCabe is a designer based in Melbourne currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communication Design degree at Swinburne University of Technology. She is passionate about using design as a tool for communication in business and to educate and inform the public on global issues. During her time at Swinburne, she has undertaken various projects with her teachers' support and is excited to begin the next stage of her journey into the design world.

Throughout her studies, Ciara has developed a passion for publication and packaging design - the sectors providing an opportunity for her to combine her traditional fine art background with the digital design world to create unique multi-media projects. In her design work, she likes to experiment with different methods such as painting, sculpture and photography, which allow her to create a varied portfolio of illustration and design pieces. She hopes to graduate and begin work as an illustrator or graphic designer in a space that celebrates hands-on, creative processes that allow her to continue exploring these methods.