Max’s unique creativity thrives within the cultural and artistic city of Melbourne, Australia. Specialising in creative design & marketing he is currently applying these skills within the packaging industry.

The series of projects Max has worked on portrays to us the importance of various events that have shaped his personality. Whilst in his youth he is always thinking about what work, and what doesn’t in today’s society. Where is the next opportunity and how will it be fulfilled? This results in raw design and honest outcomes that are always unique to one another.

Further enhancing his business capabilities in 2021 Max landed a marketing position at an international packaging company. This has brought upon professionalism and taught him the importance of tailoring his work to the specific needs of a customer.

Max’s feature project on GradX showcases branding for a newly proposed Tasmanian football club that is set to enter the AFL competition in 2022. The AFL required Max to design a new logo, along with playing kits, supporter gear, and a membership package to top it all off. The brief was tailored towards Max’s interests in sport which made for an enjoyable final semester experience at Swinburne in 2021.