Growing up, I loved design magazines. I would spend hours flicking through pages and cutting out design ideas and furniture I liked, recreating the plans into imaginative and creative spaces. As I grew up, it became clear that I could turn my love and passion into a career. My love of architecture and design has been explored by travelling overseas to spend copious amounts of time viewing historical and culturally different architecture. I have never wavered in my career journey as I love being immersed within the field of interior architecture. I have a keen interest in sustainability and designing for the future by incorporating biophilic elements into designs. I also love the idea of exploring different avenues when it comes to clients and accessibility as crafting spaces for those with special needs is a passion I have. I want to create new innovative spaces that are flexible and inclusive to all, as I always strive for excellence to increase my knowledge and build upon design experiences and my skillset. I have worked hard to turn my passion into the career of my dreams.