After completing a Diploma of Interior Design, an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design & Decoration, and a Bachelor of Design (Interior Architecture)(Honours) throughout my time at Swinburne, I have been able to proactively link and apply the different knowledge and skills from all disciplines to my work, enabling a comprehensive passion and understanding of design. Having passionate peers and staff provides a learning environment that fosters growth, development, and creativity. The ability to have external and practical exposure during my courses undoubtedly cemented a passion and drive for the design and the industry. Through being supported to continually ask why, my studies have allowed me to gain a more in-depth appreciation and understanding of the design process as a whole. By applying what I’ve learnt during my years of study I am excited to continue to grow and embark on my professional career in the design industry.
By understanding design as a multifaceted field, I look forward to a future where design will continue to be both a purposeful passion and developing journey.