My name is Punleu and I’m studying a final year in Bachelor of Interior Architecture (Honour) at Swinburne University of Technology. Throughout my time at Swinburne, I have gained all my experiences and knowledge in the world of design and interior architecture. From a boy without any idea of what is Design became a professional in the world of interior architecture with Swinburne.

I defined Personality and Professional in ourselves are the majority of Human Activity when we are working in the company or firm in the future. This description I can divided myself into two main ideas which are my personality and professional profile. According to above narrative map, I can count myself into two main skills. The first one is Hard skill, the second one is soft skill. Hard skill and Soft skill will be walking as my characteristic who are working in one project. So in that project what my self are moving forward the succeed is to know well of hard skill such as Revit, Photoshop, Adobe In-design, Rhino. These are a computer program which are important to work with architecture firm. Moreover, soft skill is my personality on working which I found my self as complaint, Steady, Team work and Supporter.