Having grown up playing interior designing games and creating pinterest mood
boards, my ambition of becoming an Interior Designer has only grown stronger.
Completing my Bachelor’s of Interior Architecture at Swinburne University, my love
and passion for designing spaces flourishes throughout my personal life, taking
every chance I can to surround myself with design work, whether it’s redesigning
my bedroom, or exploring different spaces. I have very much enjoyed learning about
design and innovation within my degree, and aim to further expand my knowledge in
the near future with experience and additional studies.

Throughout my everyday life, I continuously gain inspiration from many modern
spaces, and focus a great amount of my attention to the details within interiors and
buildings, no matter where I am. I have a strong work ethic, love to be organized, and
aim to achieve my best with every task and submission. My key to success is keeping
a positive energy, learning from any mistakes, while also staying humble and peaceful,
compromising effectively with others.