Since I was young, I have always been in touch with my creative abilities. These spiralled once I began to learn about the world of design in mid-highschool, leading me to develop a strong passion towards Interior Design. I ventured out of my comfort zone to find new ways to accelerate in this form of creativity and used that passion to get to where I am today.
I find the most joy in expressing my creative skills through hand rendering, photo editing, material sample sourcing/assembly and computer software. I declare these to be strengths of mine that will be beneficial to my professional profile. I pride myself in paying attention to detail where I generally use this skill to think outside of the box and problem solve when working on a project, whether that is in a group or individually.
In my time at Swinburne I have enjoyed working in teams and learnt a lot about the process of collaborating with other group members to produce the best design outcomes. I look forward to progressing my skills in this aspect of the industry.