Ally is an inspired 22 year old Interior Architecture student. Her personal hobbies include travelling, painting and dancing as these allow her to let loose, relax, explore and be her most confident self. Her passion for design stems from a young age, constantly rearranging and decorating her space. Ally began her studies at Swinburne with an Advanced Diploma of Building Design, where she gained an insightful amount of knowledge about building structure, codes, sustainability, materials etc. She loves all things interior design but throughout the Bachelor of Interior Architecture, she grew into particularly loving designing kitchens and bathrooms as she finds the material choices can completely transform the look and feel of the space. Over her time studying Design at Swinburne, she has been blessed to explore her creativity with a range of briefs, constraints and design goals. Ally completed a minor of Branded Environments which allowed her to take a look at branding in Interior Design, which is a skill she plans to take into the workforce. Currently, upon graduating the Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Ally is working as an Interior Design Intern at a small studio in Melbourne's South East. She aspires to design spaces which create an impact and solely change the user experience and feeling of interacting in the space. She values sustainability, functionality and materiality in design and hopes to take that with her along her career journey.