I spent the better half of my childhood rearranging my bedroom and playing building simulation games, so it's no wonder that I decided to make a career in the world of design. I love making the best out of spaces, both visually and functionally and I'm fascinated by exploring the different styles of architecture around the world. I find their origins, inspirations and how those features have embedded themselves into our lives today fascinating. I don't believe there is a 'right' way to approach design, instead I believe that design is a flexible process in which you look to achieve the best aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome for the brief. Also having completed a degree in film and television and a minor in photo media, I have come to develop a strong eye for design and attention to detail which was not only enhanced by my years at Swinburne but also through working in these industries. I am proactive and a forward planner, a well as being technologically savvy and very quick to pick up new programs and skills; alongside always striving to achieve the best possible results. I have spent over 7 years in the retail industry, where I have significantly developed my communication and interpersonal skills resulting in a promotion to supervisor for my approachability and skills in my most recent role.