I am an Interior Architecture student who is about to graduate from university. My time at Swinburne University has provided extensive knowledge on hand-drawn planning, software architectural planning, detailed construction, model making and rendering through Revit. I am relatively proficient in making manual models. I like to do some small handicrafts myself and hope to improve my skills while doing handicrafts. I have some advantages in language. I can speak English and Mandarin fluently. At the same time, I can also talk some simple Japanese, so there is no problem in daily communication. I am a person with strong empathy, and I am very suitable to be a listener. At the same time, I have better creativity. I can help the company develop new ideas. I am looking for opportunities to be an interior designer to improve my software and communication with clients. I can use my creativity, independence and sincere desire to connect with others and help others shine in work and find satisfaction. With a passion for designing for human well-being, Swinburne has provided the opportunity in strengthening and progress my knowledge towards this sector. I am hoping to develop these skills in future employment.