Design and creative outlets have always been an important aspect of my life, as I have been surrounded by the construction and architecture world since I was young. Initially finishing school I did not choose the path of design, exploring another area of interest however after a few months I found myself being drawn back to my passion of art and design.

My time at Swinburne has been one of great personal growth and professional development. I have discovered skills and interest through the design exploration process and my eyes have been opened to the privilege it is to be a designer, as we have the ability to change and affect peoples lives and experiences through design. Swinburne has taught me from the ground up, a solid foundation of knowledge in hand drawings, model making, spatial layout, user-experience, architecture and interior design history, project research, sustainable design practices, digital documentation and the essence to creating unique human experiences through the built environment. Swinburne has set me up with an array of technical and practical skills that I will continue to develop in within my design career.

Through the years of my study I have also had the privilege to gain industry experience with MDC Interior Concepts. I have learnt many industry based skills such as defect reports, client collaboration, sample selection, presentations and onsite fit-outs. The experience has been invaluable and being mentored by multiple senior interior designers and architects has provided me with the confidence and skills set for my future design industry endeavours.