Through studying a diverse range of interior spaces I have become more confident in my expertise as a designer. From my studies, I have found adequate tools and resources to assist through most design processes. My employment as a project coordinator has provided critical thinking skills, problem solving and in-depth understanding of large-scale commercial construction projects.

On top of developing base-line design skills, by utilising my abilities gained through study and employment, I believe myself to be a skilled identifier of collaboration opportunities from an art and design lense.

Outside of design-based skills, I have developed my problem-solving skills, disciplined attitude and general time management. Through employment and partly through study, I have also been able to work on my ability as a collaborator, accounting for the strengths and weaknesses of community and professional stakeholders.

I have always had a strong focus on relations with Traditional Owner groups, and through my final portfolio I have realised just how left-out Indigenous thinkers are at all points of many projects. I’m a firm believer that strengthening relationships with Indigenous-owned businesses and the Indigenous community as a whole is truly the way forward, through biophilic settings and caring for country practices. In addition to these two values, sustainability is another major passion of mine. I believe this, in-line with Traditional Owner knowledge could create a much healthier and safer environment for all Australians in the future.