In May 2016, Igot the admission notice from Swinburne University Foundation.In May 2016, I got the admission notice from Swinburne University Preparatory. Before that, I studied interior design by watching videos and reading a lot of different books on YouTube. But in swinburne , I learned a lot about design.At first, I learned basic graphic design, website design, packaging design, brand design, photography, and Australian history. In the above study, I feel full of sense of achievement, constantly improve my design level and constantly break through myself. Within the scope of software, I have studied Revit, CAD, Al, InDesign, Photoshop, AE, LRC, etc., and mastered many ways to better complete one project after another. I feel very proud when I finish every project. When I chose the major of interior design, it was my cousin who inspired me, because he was in the field of realestate before. I think he is very powerful, and he is my idol. I want to help him in this major, sol chose this major.
However, there are many imperfections when completing the project every time, breaking through the limits of my works every time, and perfecting my shortcomings every time. When I first came into contact with the major of interior design, I didn't know anything at that time. When I just opened Revit, I didn't know anything at all. However, when I came into contact with these software for a year, I found that it was not as difficult as I thought. I was constantly learning and improving my skills. There is also one point that I think is very important. In the initial group work, I learned a lot, such as how to assign work to the team members, how to discuss and quickly complete the project together, so I think the group work is very important.