I am started my first journey in Diploma of Interior Design. I develop my skill in Adobe, basic drawing and as well as basic brand design. As a professional term, I got an achievement of Certificate in Diploma of design. During the journey I receive my academic learning Bachelor of interior Architecture. I learn and develop my hard skills such as Revit, Rhino, AutoCAD and Adobe creative. In term of soft skill, I considered herself as the thinker which is oriented, prepared and logical the detail. My design approach is designing a modern period of elevated luxury projects with a special vision of real cultural immersion and site-specific create. My goal is to develop the quality of the representation of the project. Most importantly, is to expand into the growth with the opportunities and to stay on trend of technology. In term of team work, I would like to collaborate closely with the other colleague and as well as the client in the future. By the way, I also got a social media platform for my projects that I have done in university. The social media platform is just for sharing the work that I have done with the 3D rendering of some of my favorite projects.