Qinghua Zhou graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design at the Swinburne University of Technology. She is from China and currently lives in Melbourne.
Communication design fills our life, for her, it is the ultimate expression of visual aesthetics, and it is also a mirror of life, reflecting our external senses and internal psychology. Through three years of studying communication design, She has been exposed to many different aspects of design, including publication design, web design, brand design, packaging design, advertising design, etc. Most of these works originate from life, record life, and present rich visual and psychological experience to everyone through the platform of communication design. More authentic and interesting to bring a brand’s inner to the audience. As a communication designer, she is committed to mapping the real life to my work, interpreting this colourful world through graphics and colours. In the future work, she will be committed to integrating life into design, making design express life, and presenting the concept of a brand or an organization in real life more vividly and interestingly.