I have lived in a small country town in central Victoria my entire life, the same town where I went to a primary school of only 21 children. Needless to say, the closest I ever got to designing was making glass art outside at recess and selling it for the best looking gum leaves as payment. It wasn’t until I ventured off to high school where I participated in actual art classes and I could truely encourage my passion for design and creating.

After completing a visual communications subject in high school, I knew that I wanted to study design when I went to university so completed my double degree in Bachelor of Design/ Bachelor of Business having majored in marketing and communication design.

I have gained very competent skills in areas of publication, production, marketing, photography, illustration and the Adobe suite where in the future I want to be able to apply my newly learnt skills in the design industry in a field such as marketing or advertisement.

I want to work with businesses, redesigning and elevating them to make them more successful using my strengths of commitment and desire to create good design. I can’t help but have a critical eye when looking at design, something both good and bad as I focus on the smallest detail!