Specialising in typography, Tom is a designer who puts form and functionality at the forefront of every design. Graduating with a Bachelor of Design (Communication Design) and a Bachelor of Media/Communications (Advertising), Tom combines his creative and strategic thinking bringing his designs into the 21st century. Throughout his degree, he experimented with several styles of designs evolving throughout the years until settling on minimalism as his creative style.

Combining strategic and creative thinking is something that Tom hopes will give him a competitive edge when applying for jobs in the advertising/marketing industries. Moving forward with his career, Tom hopes to eventually be working as an art director in a multi-national advertising agency. Something important to Tom is the role that advertising and design plays on our collective conscience and how what we view and absorb influences us. Tom hopes that in his career he is able to use his creative and strategic thinking to not only achieve business objectves but also create change in the Australian media space.