Hey! I’m Lily Gooding, a graphic designer known slightly more professionally as Casual Fridays Graphic Design. I love to be inspired by the world around me, and work with clients who are brave and want to turn their branding into something unique! Creativity is a process that never truly reaches an end, there is always so much to explore!
My love is branding and identity design, with a bit of packaging and publication thrown in there too. Creating designs that people interact with, communicate with, resonate with, share and get inspired by is my ultimate goal!
2022 is my final year of uni (yay!) and I’m graduating with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Communication Design. I’m keen to get out there in world and start putting my skills to good use. I’m always seeking opportunities to grow as a designer and learn new things!
If I can find some spare time, it’s usually spent playing around with photography, my cat, or what TV show to watch next.