Joshua Richards has graduated with a double bachelor’s degree in Design / Media and Communication from Swinburne University of Technology. Prior to his graduation he landed a role at the National Gallery of Victoria as a part-time web designer and completed an internship at Scriibi, an educational start-up, where he was employed as a UX/UI Designer and Graphic Designer.

Majoring in Communication Design and Digital Advertising Technologies, Joshua is focusing his skills on branding and web design. His experience has offered diverse opportunities across multiple design mediums, providing valuable experience working with real clients and inspiring him to pursue an ambitious career.

Confined by the academic world, Joshua found his passion for design during VCE Viscomm through his desire for a creative outlet and the encouragement of his teacher. Giving himself the chance to freely express himself, he found excitement in the creative world, sending him down the pathway to a design career.

In his downtime, Joshua is an avid hobbyist, experimenting with a variety of hands-on crafts which he uses as a therapeutic and creative outlet. Being surrounded by his creativity, Joshua finds his passion in all corners of life and, as an enthusiast in abstract painting and ceramics, often creates pieces to display in his home.