Respectfully, there are no rules when it comes to design. Creativity comes from outside the box, even from a 4.98-foot designer who could (probably) quite literally fit within one. When you meet Claudia, she will most likely be wearing all black. Despite this fashion statement, you will find she has an impeccable ability to incorporate colour into her designs.

Claudia Koutsaftis is the founder of CK Creative Designs. She works with executives, solopreneurs, and independent clients to develop their personal and professional brands. Currently, she works at Searay Pty Ltd as a marketing and communications analyst. This role has granted her experience with pitches and composing quality outcomes. She is relied upon for current and fresh marketing strategies reinforced by communication design influencing consumer appeal and product sales.

She is a multi-disciplinary designer guided by a belief in design as a problem-solving and visual communication tool. With a diverse design capability, Claudia has a consistent signature that transforms the relationship between ideas and reality. A passion for branding, publication, and production design has shaped Claudia’s extensive design platform and instinct for filtering core messages and processes into clear strategic outcomes.

Claudia Koutsaftis holds a double degree in Business and Design from the Swinburne University of Technology and looks forward to applying her acquired skills in forthcoming projects.