Aliya Shaholli is a Melbourne based design and media student. She grew up in Shepparton, Victoria and moved to Melbourne to pursue her studies in 2017 as a computer science student, but found her calling in design and media. Aliya loves the connection between both of her study disciplines as she sees digital advertising and digital design as the future, especially in a post-Covid world.
Aliya completed an internship as a graphic designer at Entrust ICT, a wholesale networking company (don't worry she doesn't quite know what that means either). She now works there part-time as a graphic and web designer, and just got promoted to their social media manager. She also manages to do freelance work on the side.
When Aliya isn't working or studying she can be found at the Melbourne Cheer Academy training with her two cheerleading teams! Aliya currently is on the Swinburne Cheerleading and Dance executive committee as their marketing and social media coordinator and would love to continue mixing her passions for design and media with her passion for sport (particularly cheerleading and AFL). 
Aliya is in her final year of her Bachelor of Design (Communications Design) and Bachelor of Media and Communications (Digital Advertising Technology) degrees at the Swinburne University of Technology and hopes to find a job in digital design or social media content creation when she graduates.