Chiara Menolascina is a communication designer who works with small businesses to help them grow by providing brand identity and strategy. Chiara believes in supporting people by offering her skills at a high stand of work that ensures individuality and uniqueness to ensure success and strategic problem solving values.

Chiara has secured confidence and knowledge when using adobe programs to create unique graphics, illustrations, alterations and edits to benefit her design for effective and seamless outcomes. Chiara often uses her artistic abilities, utilising a variety of mediums that are often showcased throughout her works, to provide exceptional designs. Chiara is a certified designer and will soon complete a Bachelor of Design from Swinburne University of Technology.

Chiara often spends her time listening to music whilst creating art, exploring and delving into different materials and mediums to expand her abilities through lots of trial and error producing a range of work for herself that reflect her growth and passion for art.