About Me
From the days as a toddler painting on my parent’s brick walls. (Sorry mum and dad). To the designer ‘Matt with mustache’ today, I have always been a creative at heart. Illustration work that paints a story within design, crisp and thoughtful branding, and packaging that not only serves its purpose but also lives beyond the product it houses.

This is Matropolis.

Hello from behind the screen, Matt here!

My Background
I originate from Bairnsdale, Victoria and am now established in Camberwell in pursuit of study and a kick-start to my professional career as a graphic designer.

Now finishing as a bachelor’s student majoring in Communication Design at Swinburne University of Technology in Hawthorn, I have branched forwards from my previous studies within both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design.

My creative background comes from my illustrative work across an array of mediums practiced since I can remember. This has lead down the designers path where I now have a combined passion for the arts and design. From this I created a small business called Designs By M back in 2015. I grew my illustrative skills and sold original artworks, prints and other merchandise through word of mouth and creative retailers/galleries. This now is my freelance alias Matropolis.

This line of work has recently lead me to growing freelance work, creating apparel and lately attaining placement with Ruck Agency in Newtown, Geelong and with Stoke Design Co. in Ballarat Central.

My Design Philosophy
I am anything but ordinary.

I have a left of field approach.

I believe design is to be pushed and extracted from an abstract realm and be produced into a concept that truly matters. I look at a challenge, take a step back and handle the situation from an artist point-of-view refined to the designer’s eye.

My style is a bit of tongue and cheek, yet sophisticated and down-to-earth. I’m inspired by my experiences. From a Japan holiday to playing the N64, or observing the world around me, or art and empathy that comes with being human.