good design should be an experience. ◣

this is the philosophy of melbourne-based graphic + web designer aaron campbell. he believes that the best designs are those which feel seamless, even when pushing the boundaries of traditional aesthetics.

aaron holds bachelor's degrees in both design and business, with respective majors in communication design and marketing. after an upbringing in traditional graphic design, he uncovered a passion for frontend design and creating digital experiences. his design education has given him a strong creative foundation, while his marketing expertise helps him apply design in commercial contexts. additionally, as a self-taught developer, he has the technical know-how to bring digital experiences to life, with a keen appreciation for usability and accessibility.

his innovative solutions and attention to detail have gained the recognition of organisations both locally and internationally, including his major contributions to a team selected as a finalist for Team of the Year at the Braze Torchie Awards in new york, and being shortlisted for Top Designs at the VCAA season of excellence.

aaron’s creative flair also bleeds into his personal life, with an avid appreciation for music, art, and fashion.